About NPs

“Association of Nowruz Patrons” (or “Nowruz Patrons”, “NP’s”, or “NPs”, pronounced as EnPeez) or in Farsi “Nowruz Yaaraan” (نوروز یاران) is a service oriented association of various influential activists and societies that are based in Canada (so far the Greater Vancouver, BC) that have cultural ties, celebrate Nowruz, and enjoy working together. Despite the country of origin, every person with similar interests is welcome to join NPs.


  • Peace for the world
  • Sustainability as life style
  • Collaboration for the interests of Canada and the countries of origin of the active members
  • Collaboration for the interests of the members (as individuals) and their families
  • Sticking, in practice, to Service oriented objectives
  • Tolerance, meaning: “All objectives are alterable”


  • Maximum use of IT and virtual companies’ concepts
  • Maximum use of youth
  • Minimum use of complimentary statements and discriminatory titles
  • Time management
  • Helping members by reducing their costs
  • Helping members by sharing opportunities


  • Promoting volunteer work for the benefit of the societies
  • Provide for a broader networking capacity
  • Introducing the capacities of the members to one another
  • Helping members in selecting qualified and competitive contractors / sellers
  • Introducing / promoting reputable businesses
  • Introducing / promoting reputable and successful members


  • Anybody who is interested in Nowruz can join
  • No limit on the race, color, belief, language, religion, citizenship and country of origin of volunteers or active members / associates
  • Only active members can vote


  • As of April 2021 the association is not registered
  • Associates are registered and have their own bylaws
  • NPs is volunteer based and has no financial transactions